Donna M. Fyffe

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An experienced process consultant and entrepreneur, Donna is the founder of CommunityWorks, Inc. Her expertise resides in community building, leadership development, and process design for furthering the client’s mission and initiatives.

As a system partner, Donna seeks to work with client organizations by helping them develop their capacity to realize their mission and vision. Key to this work is balancing individual needs with system’s needs, vision with operation, and possibility thinking with accountability.

The methodologies used to balance these polarities are discernment, multi-disciplined thinking, and custom designed processes done in a contemplative and collaborative spirit.

Donna holds a BA in Education, a MA in Educational Administration, and an Ed.S in Educational Administration and Supervision from Ball State University. She is certified with the Center for Archetypal Studies and Applications (CASA) to administer the Pearson-Marr Archetype Index (PMAI)and their Organization Culture Team Index (OCTI).She is certified through the Leadership Circle to administerThe leadership Circle Profile 360 Survey (TLCP).Donna is also a certified trainer, facilitator, and coach for the Centre of Contemplative Dialogue (Louisville, KY) and the Bread of Life Center (Sacramento, CA).

Deborah Lowrey Asberry

Senior Consultant
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Debbie is a senior consultant with CommunityWorks, Inc. She is a business consultant and executive coach working in the areas of change management and leadership development. Her clients include small businesses, nonprofit organizations and their boards, religious congregations and church organizations.

Her consultation style is to partner with organizations and support them in accomplishing the goals and desired outcomes that they have identified. Her clients have taught her that no matter how insignificant a change process may seem on the surface, engaging the issue usually results in a deeper change that reverberates throughout the entire system, offering the possibilities of renewal and transformation.

Debbie has found that by providing organizations and their leaders with simple tools and processes related to change management, leadership development and organizational culture, that together they are able to achieve the desired results with integrity and grace. She brings thirty years of experience to this role.

Debbie is certified as an Executive Coach with the Center for Archetypal Studies and Applications (CASA) to administer the Pearson-Marr Archetype Index (PMAI)and their Organization Culture Team Index (OCTI).She is certified through the Leadership Circle to administerThe leadership Circle Profile 360 Survey (TLCP).Debbie is affiliated with the nonprofit organization Seeing Things Whole and is involved with their leadership roundtables and initiatives supporting business leaders in developing a practice of discernment within a business climate.

Mark L. Clarke

Senior Consultant
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Mark is a senior consultant with CommunityWorks, Inc. He specializes in strategic operational planning using an integrated approach with all his projects. He brings over thirty years of experience working with congregations of women religious, their sponsored ministries, and with dioceses and parishes. Mark is known for his breadth of thought, his innovative thinking, and his uncanny capacity of bringing diverse populations to the table to strategize for the success of a given institution’s mission and initiatives.

Besides integrative planning, Mark assists congregations and parishes in implementing their planning initiatives by maximizing the leadership and creativity of the members. He also provides executive coaching to leaders, pastors, and committee chairs as a way of strengthening the internal leadership capacity of the group.

Committed to his local community in Grand Rapids, MI, Mark was a founding member of Conductive Education which is a school for children with cerebral palsy. He has served as chairman of the Conductive Education Board, and as a member of the Ronald McDonald Board.

Jeannie Byers

Office Manager
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Jeannie is the Office Manager for CommunityWorks, Inc. Her skill in providing the infrastructure necessary to run a seamless organization is essential to our practice. She is a vital member of our team of professionals and provides our clients immediate service and support especially when the consultants are away from the office.

Jeannie holds a B.A. and a M.S. in elementary education from Butler University. She is married and has two grown children and two grandchildren.

Catherine Schneider, OSF

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Catherine is an Associate of CommunityWorks bringing her diverse skills to the company both as team member and creative thinker. She is a trained process consultant and facilitator. For the past thirty years, she has worked with religious and other nonprofit groups in the areas of planning, discernment for leadership and leadership development. She is trained in mediation, communication, and conflict management skills and has conducted workshops on these topics. Using various group process techniques, Catherine believes in tending to the spiritual, relational, and directional dimensions of a group while guiding it toward its desired goals.