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What If? A profound spiritual communal passageway!


Read: What if? A profound spiritual communal passageway

CommunityWorks would like to hear your “What if” as you explore the future of religious life. As we have listened, through our consultation, we continue to hear embers of 'what if', visions and hopes for the future.

We invite you to share these musings with each other either here on our website or on our Facebook page as we catch the dreams that have the potential to shape the future.

Focus Question:

What is the passionate “what if” that gives you hope and inspired commitment as the future of religious life unfolds?

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Tending the Fires of the Collective Soul


Creative Imaginings Reflective Process: Facilitators Guide and Handout


CommunityWorks, Inc. What is becoming clear...


We believe that in the exchange of ideas lies potential for great wisdom. We ask that you take a moment to share with us and our other subscribers one distinct issue or insight under a concern facing you. Perhaps these questions might start the conversation: What are you grappling with when you say you want leadership development? What possibilities are you considering as you explore the future viability of your sponsored ministries? How are you coping with the grief and angst around re-purposing or letting go of property? As you become smaller, how are you imaging life and mission?

Maximizing the Gift of the Eco-system


A Meditation on Letting Go and Letting Come


Discerning a future based on a smaller Community


Spiritual Leadership for the Pioneer Community


Unearthing the Potential of Uncertain Times


Envisioning the Future of Religious Life as a Pioneer Community


Mapping Theory U to Congretational Chapters


On Communal Discernment


Communal Discernment

One of the most sacred times in the life of a congregation is when the congregation enters into preparation for its Chapter of Affairs and Chapter of Election. At this time, there is a deep call to engage in communal discernment as the congregation creates its Chapter initiatives and it calls forth the leadership team. CommunityWorks in facilitating these events uses Otto C. Scharmer's transformative work as the bases of their process design. Scharmer's work called Theory U identifies one process with five steps that is totally communal, deeply reflective, and leads to a new way of thinking. In the attached document, Debbie Asberry, Senior Consultant at CommunityWorks, applies Scharmer's theory to the communal discernment pertinent to the Chapter of Election.

On Communal Discernment

Contemplative Dialogue


Communities are steeping themselves in a contemplative stance as they fulfill their mission and in how they choose to govern themselves. The following four modules provide a support to help small groups consider embracing three life stances of contemplative noticing, being a non-defended learner, and being non-violent. The modules are self-contained and self-explanatory. They offer processes for engaging in a contemplative practice.