What If? A profound spiritual communal passageway!


Read: What if? A profound spiritual communal passageway

CommunityWorks would like to hear your “What if” as you explore the future of religious life. As we have listened, through our consultation, we continue to hear embers of 'what if', visions and hopes for the future.

We invite you to share these musings with each other either here on our website or on our Facebook page as we catch the dreams that have the potential to shape the future.

Focus Question:

What is the passionate “what if” that gives you hope and inspired commitment as the future of religious life unfolds?

Sr. Jeanne Poor
Your articles are full of hope. Thank you very much.
What if we change our style of leadership? Do you have any new ideas for leadership for the future?
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Mark Clarke
The best book I have read in the last three years on leadership is The Four Virtues of a Leader: NAVAGATING THE HERO'S JOURNEY THROUGH RISK TO RESULTS By Eric Kaufmann. For me it was a powerful attempt to integrate organizational change in the context of personal and spiritual growth. His book offers a variety of concrete steps. I have always seen leadership as a spiritual journey of call.

For me this is the struggle of leadership today to define in an emerging era. Each night I ask what have I learned today that will impact my being a leader tomorrow.

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