A Meditation on Letting Go and Letting Come

Agnes Farrugia sgs
Dear Debbie,
Thank you for this meditation article. it gives me food for thought and reflection at this time of preparing for chapter, as well as in my current ministry as we face the changes to our institutional minitstries and the challenges of succession planning for key ministries. i am really happy to keep receiving your periodical newsletter from Community Works. it was great to meet Donna in Sydney earlier this year and to be introduced to your webpage.
Blessings in the letting go and letting come journey,
Annamarie Marcalus OSF
¿ To not just survive but THRIVE Congregations fo Women religious must:
The development of Rejuvenation might be hastened by these three exercises:
1. That we in Congregations of Women Religious continue to dialogue in order to create a Common Charism Identity that describes Religious Life in the 21st century.
2. That one or more Congregations of Women Religious creates a Mission Statement describing that group’s goals and objectives.
3. That Congregations of Women Religious invite persons with individual Ministry talents who are permitted to fluctuate from congregation to congregation in order to facilitate the enactment of the goals and objectives referenced in that group’s Mission statement.

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