Our Services

CommunityWorks is a consulting practice that partners with religious institutions, their sponsored ministries, non-profits and small businesses desiring our expertise in organizational development and whole system engagement.

We are known for our organizational expertise; our capacity to provide custom designed services; and our flexibility in meeting clients’ needs. As a company, we are respected for our expertise in helping leaders deal with complex issues; for building ownership among the membership around solutions to these issues; and for finding partners to support the group’s mission and initiatives.

CommunityWorks has served religious congregations in sixteen different countries, and is experienced in working with multi-cultural gatherings and in multi-lingual settings.

Key Services

  • Organizational Consultation
  • Transformative Visioning and Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Operational Planning
  • Consultation and facilitation for collaborative planning, forming mergers, or developing covenant relationships
  • Chapter and Assembly facilitation
  • Consultation for space and/or property utilization
  • Leadership development and executive coaching

Consulting Philosophy

  • Focuses on client’s needs
  • Integrates discernment and contemplation in the consultation
  • Applies current theory to all design work
  • Uses a multi-discipline approach in creating processes
  • Strives to build consensus when making decisions
  • Is outcome oriented